Pre-Rolled Cones Zetla King Size Deluxe 6/21

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Zetla Pre Rolled Cones King Size Deluxe 6/21

Box with 6/21 pieces.

Size: 109mm x 26mm.

Zetla Paper Made in French.

Pre Rolling Cones Made in Indonesia.


Prefabricated conical sleeves
Zetla's prefabricated conical sleeves are made from ultra-thin hemp paper. The glue is only 0.5 mm wide, so Zetla conical sleeves are almost tasteless and burn away evenly!

These pre-turned Zetla covers have a length of approx. 109 mm and the filter (with a length of approx. 26 mm) is built into the sleeve. This means that we have made it very easy for you: just fill the sleeves and start enjoying!

King Size
Because the cones are king size and conical, they can be easily filled. In addition, the Zetla cones are particularly stable.

Natural taste experience
Zetla cigarette tubes with filters are perfectly twisted and handmade from natural hemp paper. This ensures an intense, natural taste experience.
The pre-rolled conical sleeves are subject to strict quality controls to ensure that each sleeve arrives at the customer in perfect condition.

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