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The Vacuum Sealer / Packaging Machine MVAC 200 - Seal 260 mm is a luxury vacuum packaging machine. This kitchen appliance is ideal for your kitchen, because it packages your food fully automatically. This way you can keep your food longer! You can adjust this vacuum packing machine to your own wishes. This applies to the vacuuming time, sealing time, sealing temperature and cooling time. The vacuum packing machine is a small table model with a beautiful finish. This functional kitchen appliance is therefore certainly an asset for your kitchen. Below are all features of the Vacuum Sealer / Packaging Machine. 


  • Luxury vacuum packaging machine
  • Fully automatic packaging
  • Small table model with beautiful finish
  • Strong lid with bulge
  • Chamber dimensions: 420x360x70mm
  • Easy to clean
  • Net weight: 70 kg
  • Size: H320 x 540x490x550mm  220 volt/900 Watt

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